The 3-month Leadership + Brand Alignment
Mentorship Program (coming December 2023)

Inside the Ignite Your Brand 12-Week Leadership & Brand Alignment Mentorship Coaching Program, you will:
Deepen your understanding about your unique decision making, and what is most aligned for you as a leader including defining your values, and understanding your zone of genius to build a business with more success... and more joy!
Establish a clear vision for the type of leader you most authentically desire to be, and use it to develop an intentionally aligned growth strategy roadmap 
Understand the soul of your brand, and use it to guide the packaging, pricing, and positioning of your offers to attract your dream clients
Unlock and transform limiting beliefs, patterns and habits that are preventing you from stepping up fully in your vision
Experience the amazing support of an intimate community with weekly virtual coaching and a potentially life-changing in person retreat in a warm climate


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